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Chioneso Sakutukwa

Chioneso Sakutukwa is a Lawyer and Associate Chartered Company Secretary with over 15 years of experience in governance, legal, and regulatory compliance. Licensed to practice as a corporate governance official in 80 countries including South Africa, Australia, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, England, and Ireland, Chio possesses a profound understanding of corporate governance principles and is highly proficient with the Companies Act.

Her expertise extends to stakeholder management, where she excels in fostering positive relationships and ensuring alignment amongst diverse interests. Before joining Zeda Limited, Chio held key roles including Group Legal and Compliance at Peermont Global, Head of Legal at Goldrush Gaming Group, and Head of Corporate Statutory Services at RSM Africa. 

Chio’s educational journey is marked by notable achievements, including an LLB from Rhodes University, a certification in Advanced Company Law from Witwatersrand University, and a certification in Business Management from GIBS. She holds the esteemed Associate Chartered Secretary (SA) designation from the Chartered Governance Institute of Southern Africa and is currently pursuing an LLM in Corporate Law from the University of Pretoria.