Our integrated business model unlocks operational efficiencies

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As a dedicated mobility provider, we have the freedom to pursue our growth strategy and anticipate and react to our changing operating environment. 

Our operating structure and footprint

Zeda Limited is structured around the two integrated business segments – rentals and leasing. It has operations in Africa, and its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rent a Car business (AvisBudget)

This business segment trades under the Avis and Budget brand names and generates revenue from short-term car rental services to a broad customer base.

It provides short term rental and subscription solutions for individuals, business travel, corporates, and government entities. It focuses exclusively on rentals that do not exceed 12 months.

The business has positioned itself as the go-to mobility partner for airlines and travel agencies through strategic partnerships that see our business as part of a complete travel offering. We also provide replacement vehicles for our partner insurance companies when their clients are involved in an accident.

Our complementary products include the hire of child car seats, GPS and bike racks, and we provide specialised insurance products.

Our extensive network includes directly operated, agency-operated and sublicensee-operated branches across our markets.

Established in 1967

Average rental period: 12 Months

+1, 100 Employees

+18, 000 Vehicles

+130 Branches

10 African Countries

Leasing business (Avis Fleet)

This business segment trades as Avis Fleet and purchases vehicles from various original equipment manufacturers based on specific customer requirements. These vehicles are contracted to the customer for a period exceeding 12 months, with an average of 44 months. Customer segments include corporate, small businesses and government entities.

Services include the leasing of vehicles, from motorcycles to heavy commercial vehicles. Avis Fleet offers complementary products including telematics, intelligent fuel management, accident management, roadside assistance, insurance and managed maintenance. In addition, Avis fleet offers service and maintenance plans.

Once the contract period has lapsed, the vehicles are either sold to the customer or they are sold to the market.

Established in 1980

Average leasing period: 44 Months

+300 Employees

+240, 000 Vehicles

+1, 100 Customers

7 African Countries

Avis Car sales

Avis Car Sales sell used cars from our rental and leasing businesses to retail customers and wholesalers. This is done through the 14 Avis Car Sales dealerships, wholesale outlets, the online channel or through independent wholesalers.

Retail vehicles are advertised at Avis Car Sales and other third-party websites. Wholesale stock are sold through the online auction trading platform, Avis Auction, or through bulk deal offerings direct to the market.

Avis Car Sales accepts trade-ins and buy-ins which allows for market competitiveness and an alternative car stock source.